“unlike almost any other book about poetry…rigorous, unsentimental, tough…”
Dinitia Smith, New York Times

“brutally honest…finely written and exquisite…”
Naomi Rand, Boston Globe

“sometimes eloquently metaphorical, other times blazingly direct…”
Karen Campbell, Boston Globe

“…she used poems to grieve, to question, to celebrate, to maintain, to curse, and to endure…”
—Cortney Davis, Literature, Arts & Medicine Database, NYU School of Medicine

“…a deeply moving book that, like good poetry itself, disturbs and consoles.”
—Edward Hirsch

“Here—let there be no doubt—poetry makes something happen.”
—Billy Collins

“…an extraordinary document of human solidarity and uncommon courage…”
—Patricia Hampl

“…reveals a creative way to bear the pain of unresolved loss and grief.”
—Pauline Boss