My classes at the The New School for the 2022 Spring Semester are:

Short Form Nonfiction

Short (or flash) nonfiction, as finished work in itself and as an approach to constructing longer work is widely written and read today and has a rich and varied history. This course explores opinion pieces, lyric essays, humor, spoken word, social commentary, memoir, letters, prose poems, and hybrid short forms of nonfiction narrative. Participants will write and revise 8 short (500- 750 word) original works. Close reading of short published nonfiction works will focus our discussion of nonfiction craft techniques.

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Writer’s Life Colloquium

The Writer’s Life Colloquium formalizes students’ development as writers in the world. The colloquium requires that students attend a minimum of eight events from the Creative Writing Program reading series during the course of the semester and interact with these events in ways that connect them to the work of the author and to the literary community. This is a hybrid online/onsite course.

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