Crocuses, UConn, and Derek Jeter

Typically around this time of year crocuses incite a gasp of delight, and they did again this year — just a few days ago in the backyard of the rented house to which I moved a few months ago and the next day, more robust ones, read more

Stillness, Nothing-Happening Moments

In March at a beach in North Carolina, a group of people I have known for a long time gathered read more

As if your life depended on it

I am afraid Iran will launch nuclear weapons and Israel will in response — this from a doctor on the UWS, read more

David Rakoff

We were just beginning our 10 a.m. workshop here in Lake Lure, NC, opening our web browsers to download the morning’s submissions, when the email came from the friend who had been keeping me posted on David Rakoff’s battle with cancer. read more

Writing at Lake Lure

The second week of August, a group of wonderful writers is gathering in Lake Lure, NC, read more