Slow Irony, Sure Wit

Slow Irony seeks to link the pleasures of humorous insight with a commitment to “go local” in matters key to a community.

Forty-two years ago, at a weekend retreat held at St. Andrews Presbyterian College, read more

On Her Plate


“Let me tell you what’s on my plate.”

It’s Mom on the phone, from her hospital bed in NC to me at my desk in NJ, and I think, Ah, she wants to talk about her upcoming pacemaker procedure. read more

Onset of Spring?

Most of this post — Robin Robertson’s poem, the photographs taken in November in Frenchtown, NJ — was compiled in a moment of late November pause, read more

Love/is no less practical/than a coffee grinder*

Responding on my mother’s behalf to the sympathy cards she’s received read more



Leighton B. McKeithen, Jr.
March 12, 1925 – May 8, 2013

read more

North/South Toward Home

I had driven hundreds of miles when I caught sight of a sign in Laurel Hill, NC — not more than a few miles read more

Writing at Lake Lure

The second week of August, a group of wonderful writers is gathering in Lake Lure, NC, read more

Unintended Destination

When I left Uzbekistan in October, I did not anticipate an extended stay in North Carolina, read more