Negotiating Other Territories

PrayWay, by the artists Kraupa-Tuskany, Berlin, and The Third Line, Dubai, was part of the New Museum’s Triennial. read more

NC, Tashkent, and Octavio Paz

I awake at the beach in North Carolina hours before the others, but then read more

Unintended Destination

When I left Uzbekistan in October, I did not anticipate an extended stay in North Carolina, read more


Adventure shares a root with advent — advenire, to arrive. ¬†Expectation and anticipation, risk and surprise, read more


Henry Moore’s Reclining Figures, Lincoln Center, 10/15/11
read more

Women in Uzbekistan

Images of women in and around Tashkent. read more


A series of shots of people moving and the things that move them in Uzbekistan in September 2011 read more

July in New York, September in Tashkent

A few more things seen there and here, posted on a day that always bring firefighters to my mind … read more